Meet the Maker

How did you get started in the handmade jewellery business?

I struggled to find cute every day earrings that wouldn't irritate my ears and were affordable. I saw some beautiful polymer clay earrings on social media and they were quite expensive so I thought I could try and make them myself instead. I spent a long time learning the processes of working with polymer clay and eventually made some pairs that I wore. After that it became a hobby and creative release and eventually I had too much of a stock pile so I decided I would try my luck at a local Christmas market and it was a success! There rest is history! 

What is your design process like?

I normally take inspiration from the environment around me and use that. I create a very simple sketch of what I would like the design to look like. From there I mix the clay, creating the colours that I'm after then shape and cut them into the design. Once I have pairs all cut out, they need to be baked so into the oven they go and once they're out, I sand and drill tiny holes into them and finally assemble them! 

Can you share a story about a particularly challenging or rewarding piece you've made?

3D flowers are usually the most challenging and rewarding pieces. The petals, leaves and stems of the flowers are tiny and super fiddly meaning that one wrong move can mess up an entire slab of clay. I'm always so proud when I nail a floral slab because of the work that goes into them!

What sets your jewellery apart from other brands?

All my pairs are hand made with care making sure that I am making designs that the Red Earth Wandering customers love! A unique point that makes Red Earth Wandering stand out amongst the crowd is that each pair of earrings are hypoallergenic with nickel-free surgical stainless steel being used to prevent any irritation for the wearer. The other major point that sets us apart from other brands is that products are more affordable that other handmade brands which was something I struggled to find when I was trying to purchase some for myself. 

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